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Permanent Recruitment


Whatever is the kind, nature or type of business or organisational body, human capital is its need and strength. The ladder to success does not seem difficult with talented and loyal staff. We at SUPER understand the importance of permanent employees for a company and negative effects attrition can have on the company's success. Through our dedicated efforts we offer to fulfil permanent staffing needs of our clients.

Targeted efforts deployed by the employees of a company take the organisation to peak of success. While exceptionally talented personnel are available in the vast pool, reaching out those suited for the job and its future challenges is the main task. This is undertaken by our team thus promising our employees to make available only those candidates who have calibre, intellect and motivation to complement the needs of their role in the organisation. With this correct matching effort, we ensure that the company as well as the employee reap full and best benefits out of their relation; lowering chances and instances of incompetency, dissatisfaction or attrition.

In all, our team of recruitment experts at SUPER, works dedicatedly to offer effective permanent recruitment or staffing solutions to our clients nationally as well as internationally.


Temporary Recruitment


Companies and business are complex networks and kind of cobwebs. Many things go into it, many requirements arise from time to time and also many things change with changing time making some older ones obsolete. Having this in mind, our visionaries have laid processes which allow us to offer temporary recruitment to our clients. Under this heading of services we offer to help our clients meet their temporary personnel requirements.

Some situations which meet ask for temporary recruitments include specific project or may be some niche activity or requirement of some senior or executive level talent from the industry etc. in such cases, our clients need not themselves go around with lantern to shortlist suitable employees but we in turn come handy with our records of existing human resource which could be put to use.

Knowing and understanding your needs makes us lay a network of processes. Through these intelligently carved and streamlined procedures, our team of head hunters support and fulfil short term staffing needs of our clients.


International Recruitment


Through years of experience and hard work, SUPER has gained positive repute in national as well as International recruitment sector. As globalisation is the buzz word today, not only more companies our willing to have employees from across borders but candidates are also willing to re-allocate. SUPER uses this changing scenario to benefit its clients. We have and offer access to talented and highly motivated employees from all over the planet. This helps us better serve our clients with the kind of candidate they need for their company. International recruitments basically work well for senior or superior executive level jobs where experienced candidate are required to fill in the openings. But recently big names in the industry have been showing interest in recruiting candidates from all over the world and an equal interest has been displayed by candidates themselves too.

At SUPER, we have and maintain a big, huge and wholesome database of talent available worldwide. We fish through this to come out with profiles suiting our client's needs. For each client, we customise our recruitment procedures to complement their needs, as a result of which our professional team succeeds in answering recruitment issues of our clients to the best. With daily increasing employment rates, our duty to our client demand much more responsible execution of processes to ensure appropriate recruitment activities. SUPER with its team of trained and experienced head hunters promise effective recruitment procedures for all our clients.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing


Recruitment is the most important and critical task performed at any company big, small, old or new. This practise of using time and resource is a significant deciding factor for company's success. A group of well selected and suitable employees work to take the business to pinnacles of success while reverse could lead to frequent attrition and waste of time and resources.

Recruitment process outsource is thus being increasingly considered as an easy but effective solution to this mainstream problem of business groups. We at SUPER design and formulate recruitment processes only after completely understanding our client's needs. Thus we are flexible and this added agility makes are clients comfortable and more relaxed once they hand-in their recruitment responsibility to our professional staff.

With RPO, our clients have lots to gain and benefit in terms of:
. Save time, money and infrastructure
. Can address all their staffing related queries, demands, issues as well as needs to us.
. With hands on large talent pool from world over, you can expect effective and timely recruitment solutions.
. We dedicatedly use all our resources and staff to offer best suited candidates for our clients; because we know if clients grow we will grow with them.
. Remain anxiety free all through the process.
Thus SUPER, takes complete responsibility of all recruitment and staffing needs of our clients and promises to deliver effective on-time results for the same.


Recruiter On Demand


Demand and desire is what we consider and fulfil. Our team of recruitment experts try and gel with your Human resource people to understand your staff needs. We base our process and results on what you desire from us. Recruitment on demand is one another aspect or face of services we offer our clients.

Under the umbrella ROD, our project management team assists you in varied recruitment processes from initial head hunting, mapping, interviewing and shortlisting candidates, follow up with prospects, reference validation of selected candidates etc. all this and more tasks like this are performed by our team but in collaboration with inputs from the client's human resource team. This enables us get in-depth understanding of your needs and thus, help us offer targeted solution in form of suitable, motivated, talented and off course useful personnel treasure for your company.

We majorly aim at solving your staffing issues and making the process smooth and anxiety free for you. When we take charge of recruitment or ROD for some company, we held ourselves completely responsible for entire process starting from profile mapping to final employment. This way, SUPER has been offering best in industry ROD services to its clients.


Executive Search


'C' is an important alphabet for all companies; it refers to the C-suit officials like the CEOs, the CFOs and even the vice presidents and equivalent power holders in an organisation. As the position gains more importance, the load of responsibilities attached to it increases as well. Same happens with the recruiters who have to find suitable candidates to fill in such positions.

All high end professionals holding significant power in company's decision making or sometimes for specific projects affect a company's growth tremendously. Thus it becomes all the more necessary to ensure that these niche positions are filled by the most apt person. SUPER plays a vital role here by streamlining the recruitment procedures in a way so as to be able to fish out real promising horses from the whole lot. Executive search is treated as a task of high responsibility and dynamics. The needs change with the company, demand of project, role in organisation and many other factors; therefore it becomes inevitable for our team to go an extra step forward to diligently understand the need of the situation and act per say.

As the need of personnel to undertake C-suite roles with zest and vigour increases, more and more companies have been offering search facilities. With our years of experience, directed executive search procedures and expert professionals from varying fields or sectors of industry, we have been and can be relied for specific, suited and desired results in terms of executive search.


Volume Hiring


SUPER, being the recruitment leaders of the industry offer quality services at right time by making available the right fit for the right position. We take pride in our team of head hunters, who have been successfully delivering best recruitment solutions to all our clients. With quality, quantity needs have also been effectively taken care of by us.

Volume hiring is generally adopted for new start-up companies or for training projects or even for some short time projects which need extra manpower to participate. For all such needs and many others where volume hiring was the demand, SUPER has successfully plied by the client's desires and demands. Volume hiring might involve selection of numerous candidates but whatever be the desired number we ensure all shortlisted and even finally selected candidates go under the eyes of our team of industry experts who review their profiles to analyse if they fit in the client's requirements or not. Our quality checks procedure guarantee full proof results even when larger numbers of recruitments are to be undertaken. While hiring in bulk, we remain alert about the fact that each selected candidate will have an impact on company's growth and thus ensure to select lot of best candidates.

Our recruitment process designed for volume hiring is targeted to achieve 100% quality while screening hundreds of candidates for our clients.


Campus Recruitment


Fresher's and trainees form most passionate, motivated and energetic human resources which if diligently selected, recruited and out to use can produce great results. Considering the same, our team at SUPER makes deals with clients to offer campus recruitment service as well.

While recruiting from campus, our team of experts bear in mind two key things:
. Our client should get what suits his needs best. Only those candidates who completely fit in the demand box of Client Company are shortlisted and further proceeded through the recruitment process.
. From hundreds of campuses and institutes, we list and target those who have proved to produce perfectly polished candidates with great intellect which could prove useful for our client company.

Campus hiring takes into it tasks like:
. Matching the type of campus to hire from with the client's business needs
. Making efforts to fish out right candidate by following an appropriately designed dn tested recruitment process.
. Ensuring, candidates with the right attitude, aptitude and calibre for the job or training are only selected.

We work to make our hiring procedures better with each experience and target to offer candidates which could fulfil demands of the company and the job, this way we promise to help reduce attrition rates, provide efficient employees and help the client companies to grow and progress abundantly in their sectors.

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