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Maruti Suzuki, TATA , Mahindra, Piaggio, Honda and many more such known automobile manufacturers and exporters have gained benefits from recruitment related services of SUPER. Automobile industry holds one large share among all the varied industries and is an evergreen and ever growing industry too. All kinds of talent is required in an automobile industry, from physical to creative and to that for strategy building. With this we know that this booming industry has great demand of efficient staff from varied spheres and with all kinds of educational and professional backgrounds.

At SUPER, we have a professional team to assist our clients with their recruitment needs and in order to give expert solutions we have included some people with experience in varying industries, including automobile for example. As the industry grows, it needs more people both at junior as well as senior levels. Growth also brings in new challenges and thus people with better suited intellect are needed. All this is taken care off by SUPER who promises to provide reliable solution to all its automobile industry benefactors.

From CEOs, to CXOs, project managers, sales executives, export in-charge and even trainees have been employed with known automobile giants through SUPER's recruitment processes. Our clients have benefitted from our services; we have been modifying our routes to offer better solutions and face challenges of growing recruitment needs; all this with our years of experience as recruitment providers have made us reliable vendors in this sector with a reach for both national and international employees.


Information Technology


IT industry has brought with it many benefits for in the global market. Today India has become an IT giant and its growth is expected to reach over worth of 225 billion USD by 2020. From IT training to conducting educational courses for it; from software compilation to designing websites or from system integration to hardware support and maintenance, IT industry has many roles and aspects to it. For each and every kind of role a different calibre, talent and expertise level is required. We at SUPER ensure to understand needs of each job profile in the IT industry and fulfil the position with most suitable candidate.

A tailor would know the measurements know better and likewise an engineer would better understand needs of this industry. For same reason we have included professionals who have worked and experienced this industry by working in it. This special team helps us better understand the technicalities, need and desires a company assists to its employees in different roles.

SUPER excels in making available appropriate candidates for all kinds and levels of jobs and roles required in the IT industry. While IT industry works to strengthen our economy and position in the world market, we work to provide them highly motivated and intellectual staff to add power to their root source, the personnel.


Power & Infrastructure


Our list of clients form the power and infrastructure industry start with Jindal Steel and Power, Radico Khaitan, Triveni Engg, Hinductan Constructiona to Andritz Hydro Power Limited and the list does not end , many more big names can still be added to it. As globalisation has spread wings over our country power and infrastructure industries have grown rapidly and have been attracting foreign investors for themselves too.

The rapid growth and promising future of this sector for sure is house of employment for many but also entails in its growth opportunities for new talent as well. At SUPER entry to hook out the lot with the interest in such areas of work and help placements in right companies. This way we help our business clients get hands on talented work force and strong human resource base. With this help our clients easily climb the ladder of success with this efficient manpower. Creating this remains no more a difficult task with our customized recruitment procedures.

Be it heavy engineering, switchgear manufacturing, turbines, generators or any other part of the industry our team has been serving recruitment needs of all types. We mould our procedures to comprehend our client's demands to get right match for their staffing needs.


Banking, Financial service & Insurance


Banking, finance and insurance are gaining more and more importance, popularity and attention in today's world. These sectors have a crucial role and serve specific high end purpose for one and all. Their role for the society makes it even more essential to ensure right people sit at right positions in the hierarchy so that better decisions could be made. Faults in selecting personnel for such job cannot be afforded at all.

The crucial role of bankers and bank policy makers, the society's need of talented and well qualified financial service provider and importance of insurance in every single being's life adds much more responsibility on shoulders of such organisations. They need to fish out best out of best candidates which adds to extra investment of energy, money, time and is also a task full of stress and anxiety. We at SUPER take of this load from shoulders of our banking, finance and insurance client companies. We target to take up complete responsibility from mapping, shortlisting, interviewing to finally selecting best suitable candidates for all kinds and types of roles required in this industry.

Our team has professionals who have themselves experienced working in the banking sector and we use this resource to have better understanding of who will suit what role or position. We offer to comply by norms and needs of our clients by making available qualified professionals for all kinds of job positions and roles from trainees, bank executives, sales personnel, to CEOs, branch managers, area in charge and even vice president.


Advertising & Media


Advertising and media play a vital role in life cycle of each company or business at one time or the other. With growing market competition need for advertising and involvement of media have both increased many folds. While this sector helps promotion and progress of other sectors, they themselves seek energetic, creative, talented and passionate workers to take this industry further and faster.

Advertising and media might look like a glamorous field but involves loads of technical knowledge, hard core creativity and innovative mind set along with the knowledge of major aspects of mass communication. All this is present in the pool and more is being added daily, but the task remains to identify the best of lot and ensure their availability at the right positions for the suited role at the required time. For all this, SUPER targets its staff to make out recruitments processes through which we could first identify and completely understand needs of our clients from this industry and secondly work out streamlined procedures to satisfy their staffing needs effectively and timely.

As the industry is growing it's throwing open doors for employment and huge opportunities of growth. But with this growth a major challenge that exists is of recruitment. A wrong candidate can actually affect the reputation of the company while a right one can add new wings of success. Thus, SUPER with its recruitment expert team collaborates all its efforts and resources to ensure proper mapping and profiling of only those fitting rightly into various roles, as desired by our clients.




Telecom sector of India has gained many accolades in the world market today. It has been growing rapidly and a faster pace of same is expected in near future. From telephone to internet all are taken care of by the telecom industry. Leaders looking after varied facets of the industry (CDMA, PMRTS, WLL, fixed line etc) include Reliance, Idea Cellular, Alcatel Lucent, Ericsson India and many more. Be it any kind of mobile service or fixed line or radio, users and prescribers are increasing every day.

This growth brings with it a huge challenge and responsibility for all telecom companies to make available appropriate services while retaining high quality of the same. as connectivity and networking are the demands of today, quality staff is essential for all the telecom companies to up keep their standards and services. Not only this talented and innovative staff can help their company to succeed with better strategies, better performance and better team leading gestures required here.

The prime responsibility of recruiting motivated staff for all its telecom clients is being handled by SUPER since last one and a half decade. Today, with experience, in-depth knowledge and professionals with hands-on experience in the telecom industry itself, SUPER stands apart from other recruitment providers in offering world class services to its clients.


Engineering & Manufacturing


Engineering and manufacturing industry are the backbone of any economy. The same has seen rapid development and growth in last few decades in India and is expected to grow at much faster pace in coming future. Estimates figure a 12 to 14 per cent growth in this sector offering more and better employment opportunities for many. While engineering sector has been responsible for giving much boost to the Indian economy, manufacturing companies from all over the world have been tempted to invest in our country. this is good news but comes with loads of responsibility of maintaining quality standards and stress of fetching right manpower required to keep the growth rate up.

SUPER has in its staff people from this very industry whose knowledge and understanding of all modalities of manufacturing and engineering sectors have been put to use to have in-depth idea of the staffing needs and comprehend same with our flexible and efficient recruitment procedures. From sales executives, to trainees, from brand or product management staff to company head, region head and even CEO or vice president position all have varying requirements and challenges which have to be answered. With all this in view we plan our recruitment process in a manner to be able to completely, timely and effectively comply to demands of our clients from this industry.

In history of our organisation, we have served known companies from the engineering and manufacturing industry with the most appropriate and best suited staff which has been further adding to the growth of our clients. We work to mould our processes, techniques and staff timely to better suit the needs of the industry and face new challenges thrown to us as recruiters.




Healthcare is an industry of prime importance world over and so is pharmaceutical which forms the supporting cells of healthcare sector. In India with advance is biology related fields, research and development have taken better and faster path and thus increasing the load over the pharmaceutical industry. In all, field of science, healthcare and pharmaceutical are co-related and advance or innovation in one is based on developments and discoveries in another. While we know human resource of any company is its strength, for pharmaceutical the importance of qualified and trained personnel is much more than in any other sector.

Pharmaceutical industry requires personnel low end as well as high end qualification and professional training. While trainees are involved in new projects to have extra support and inclusion of new talent, high end roles like research scientists and production process design need extra edge of qualification, knowledge and experience in the industry. All these requirements of the industry can be fulfilled only if right approach to recruitment is taken. Scrutinised and streamlined procedures could guarantee selection of only those who would aptly fit in the role they have been selected for.

SUPER is proud of its team of head hunters and is confident to offer effective recruitment results to its clients from the pharmaceutical industry.

We have been able to do this because few key helping factors like:
. Flexible selection and staffing procedures make us work as per demands of the client and answer their staffing needs as and when needed.
. In-depth knowledge of the industry and its needs, gained from specific senior level team members who have already worked in the industry.
. Competent staff which keeps eye on the changing trends and upcoming challenges in the industry; thus helps us fish out only those which can offer to be long term employees for our client company.
. Last but not the least is our experience in the field. Each passing day gives us new lessons which make us even better.


Consumer Services & Retail


Consumer service and retail companies like Nestle, Wipro, Future Group, ITC, GSK, Wrigley and many more like these have been serving our country and its people for over decades. Many Indian companies have even made remarkable presence in international industry as well. All of this points out the current success and prospective growth of consumer and retail industries in time to come. Estimates say the share of such industries would increase to four times its current value by 2025. Private Equities and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) is another face of this industry which has come to limelight in last few years.

All the happenings of the industry and upcoming changes in the industry bring along a package of responsibilities and challenges for personnel and employees of all companies in this sector. Like each other sector, hoards of talent is required to keep up the positive rapport but it is not just mere talent but right skills used at right time and with right authority. You ask us and we have a recruitment solution for you; this our answer to every consumer and retail company who approaches us. With experience we are now confident of our knowledge and in-depth understanding of roles of employees of different levels.

SUPER with its dedicated staff is all set to offer brilliantly smooth, effective and efficient processes to accomplish recruitment needs of our consumer services and retail clients. Our processes are targeted and flexible at the same time thus we serve all needs from fishing out a higher volume of candidates for training projects or sales team or searching for most suitable match for high end jobs and roles like that of quality head, branch or region head, company CXO etc.


Tourism & Hospitality


This sector is the colour and light of our industrial stage. While each type of industry has a specific contribution to the county, its people and global market; tourism and Hospitality industry works to make life brighter, lighter, colourful and comfortable all at the same time. Within a country like India, tourism plays to attract major junk of the total revenue for the country. Similarly, hospitality adds by making country men and all tourists enjoy their stay better and live well. All this has significant contribution in uplifting our global reputation; which has been improving, rising and benefitting from developments, innovations and strategic modification which have occurred in the industry during last few years.

The industry has been witnessing growth and further boost would be much more of advantage for whole country. Personnel make and personnel break a company. With our team and our experience, we at SUPER have been serving our clients from hospitality and tourism industry since long and are looking forward to improve ourselves to suit their needs better. Our target remains to add and fix in only those candidates who are qualified, capable, motivated and creative enough to be a apart of this grand and rewarding industrial sector.




Logistics is a helping industry, each other sector or industry gets support from their logistics partners. Marine, roadways, rail and air cargo all are taken care off by logistic companies and they have been found to be working brilliantly well to support other industries. Their growth rate is good by far and is being estimated to sustain similar patterns of positive progress in future too. Too many companies are coming up as logistics service providers and thus with increasing opportunities, competition in the market is also increasing.

Here comes the well-known fact, 'survival of the fittest'. When too many providers of same service are available, takers go by those offering best deal or best quality service. All this takes time to happen; companies take years to build up their reputation and loads of effort to maintain it. SUPER has been a dedicated recruitment service provider for quite a number of reputed companies of this sector. With time and experience we have worked to upgrade our services making them more customer-friendly and better suited to the needs of this industry.

The race to compete is in full form for all the logistic service providers, those with best brains working for them have an edge over others. All this supportive and strong human resource can come through a thoroughly thought over and well-designed recruitment process which could actually test the candidate for his suitability for the job he is being offered. SUPER offers to take away all this recruitment responsibility off the shoulders of its clients and can be trusted for deploying correct personnel at the right position on desired time.




KPO, BPO, LPO are the buzz of employment world today. These sectors come under the category of IT enables services along with many others which have shown fast paced development in recent past. Their growth is not steady but has a positive growth curve and so with them, the linked opportunities increase too. Many off-shore companies are targeting to establish their offices here while many other are outsourcing major projects to our country. this has been possible sue to brilliant and dedicated brains who have worked to bring this industry to light and further take it pinnacles of success. With impressive growth figures, ITES in India is expected to have a share of about 50 billion USD in the global market by 2020.

The scope is also increasing with rising popularity and prosperity of ITES in India. The challenge remains to up keep the success, the rapport and expectations which have now taken a global perspective. At this point all we need is hundreds of motivated, qualified and intellectual individuals who can take forward the torch of success. Big companies like IBM Daksh, Fiserv, Barclays, Dell, Fidelity, Hewitt etc. have been employing individuals but have faced issues like:

. Increasing attrition
. Increased recruitment expenditure
. Loss of resources

All this has laid down the spirits of many but a simple solution is hiring recruitment advisers and service providers like our team. With expertise in recruitment process, learned staff from the industry and dedicated team to carry out all procedures diligently we adhere to all quality standards. Our target remains growth of our client and for same we ensure appropriate talent gets rightly placed.

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